Support for Men by Men

For Men:

"I think I'm Pregnant."

Her Heart Pregnancy Help Center is here to offer free and confidential men’s resources. We understand when she approaches you with the news that she thinks she’s pregnant, you may feel scared, confused, or even angry. It is important to know that you have the biggest influence on the choice she makes. We want to help you to make this choice together.

Male Advocates

Male Advocates are available to provide resources, help you understand your role, listen, offer advice, and talk through challenges surrounding this pregnancy.

She's Pregnant... Now What?

What to do:

  • Encourage Her: to schedule an Ultrasound appointment to confirm the viability of the pregnancy and find out how far along she is. Viability means a pregnancy that is capable of developing under normal conditions.

  • Listen. She needs to know you hear her concerns and understand her feelings. Her body is going through physical, emotional, and chemical changes.

  • Get all the facts. Commit to understanding all of your options completely. You are now making a decision that involves three lives. Check out the information on this website.

  • Talk Man to Man. Her Heart Pregnancy Help Center is not just for women. We are here for you as well.  HHPHC has male advocates available to speak to you and give you accurate information about your options.  You can come in with or without your partner. We have classes and other men’s resources to assist you in becoming a great father.

  • Be Honest. Let her know how you are feeling, but Stay Calm. Let her know she is not alone. Regardless of your relationship in the future, this baby needs both of you in his/her life for love and support

  • Talk with each of your important people. Yeah, you may want to keep it a secret during the initial shock. But the people who will be directly involved (parents, guardians, etc.) HAVE to know what’s going on eventually. Who knows, maybe they’ll even be willing to help!

What NOT to do:

  • Bail. If you run from her and the situation, she will not feel secure and will not trust you.

  • Pressure her. Being demanding will push her away and likely into a regretful situation.

  • Forget… She may be carrying the baby, but you have a very active position in this situation. You are important.

The words “we’re pregnant” can cause new fathers to experience a wide range of emotions. There is some information the two of you will need whether this pregnancy is planned or unplanned.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, please schedule an appointment today to speak with someone.

  • She has told you she thinks she is pregnant
  • She has told you she has chosen to have an abortion with or without involving you in the decision
  • You are unsure about your decision or options and you need some guidance
  • You are feeling pressure and would like to speak to someone in confidence.